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November 2020

Innovative Technologies for Active Language Class is a three-year ERASMUS+ KA2 strategic school partnership that involves junior secondary schools from France, Czech Republic, FYRoM, Greece,  Lithuania, Romania, Spain and Turkey.
This partnership deals with the use of innovative technologies in teaching and evaluating foreign languages, particularly spoken skills. It intends to ensure our learners access to innovative learning methods in a more stimulating and engaging class.

On the one hand, the major goals of our partnership are to enhance our learners’ motivation and investment in learning foreign languages and allow them to develop their communication competences. On the other hand, the project aims at offering our pupils an opportunity to get to know their European neighbors and their cultures, and thus, help them build their European citizenship.

To hit our objectives we have shared tasks amongst all of us according to each other’s experience and competences. We agreed to, first, compare our teaching methods and exchange our practices. Then, combine our know-how to create innovative and challenging E-lessons using smart phones and tablets. Besides, a three-day ICT workshop will be organized for teachers. Moreover, pupils from all partner schools will participate in various transnational meetings, and will attend a ten-day intensive language camp that will be organized during the second year.

As a result, this partnership will not only help our learners to acquire new communication skills and broaden their future professional perspectives. But, will as well, offer the teachers involved an opportunity to get familiar with the different European pedagogical practices and improve their own way of teaching.

To ensure the efficiency of our strategy, various evaluation tools will be developed and used. Communication between partners via Skype and E-twinning space will be frequent to ensure the best follow up of the partnership activities.


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